Monday, October 28, 2013

Birthday Dress (2) is now complete

With canning etc. sewing hasn't happened... but now that the canning is complete I had Saturday to sit and sew.  It was delightful!!

The brown is a belt so can be tied in the back, front, or side.
Or can be replaced entirely with another complementary belt.

Much the same construction as before.
Hand picked under stitching

French seams

This dress had a gathered skirt.  I like to zigzag over a light cord for gathering.

Pull the cord to start the gather

very nice and smooth gathers

Again hand picked zipper.  I love - love - love this method!!!
It wouldn't work for jeans but for a dress or skirt it works great.


  1. What a beautiful dress, and so well made. The fabric is gorgeous.

    1. Thank you I really had fun putting it together. Grandchildren are so fun to sew for!!