Saturday, January 25, 2014

One More...

I really can sew more than this but I find that I sew what I need.  I started sewing my own under garments a year ago See here  And the truth is I like them better than any I've purchased over the years.  They can be made to individual form. 

So once again this is my sewing challenge garment.  I do plan to branch out a bit in February.  I'm thinking a fun spring skirt would be perfect next month.

Cotton cut on the bias.  I line with cotton too. 
Very comfortable and wears well.
Judy, this is the picture of the four pieces.  It really is a basic pattern.  I made a change so I could make a button closure instead of the hook and eye.  I just prefer that.  If you ever decide to make one and want to do the button closure let me know I would be happy to send you my extension pattern. 
As you can see it really is just a piece of paper to extend the side a bit to give me room for buttons and button holes.
Happy sewing!!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Great Nephew

My baby sister is a grandma!  The pictures have been flying our way via text messaging.  So even though we are on the opposite side of the country we have seen sweet pictures of this little one.

Well what's an aunt to do - head to the sewing machine with some fun flannel.  I love large double sided receiving blankets.  I made them for our granddaughters, have made them for shower gifts and now made a couple more. 
 1 1/4 yard of 45 inch wide fabric per each side makes a nice square receiving blanket. 
If you buy 1 1/2 yards you'll have enough to make a matching burp cloth.
You need 2 contrasting pieces for each blanket.
Cut your fabric so it is the same size.  A cutting board and rotary cutter works great for this.
Put right sides together and stitch around the outside  - remember to leave 6 to 8 inches open so you can turn the blanket right side out.
Then I like to do a decorative stitch around the outside edge.  It finishes it off and closes the turning opening up all in one endeavor.
Happy sewing!
Burp cloth - ;-)

Friday, January 17, 2014

A good twirler

A good twirler.  My girls love twirly skirts/dresses.  This is a good one.  ;-)

The pattern was a bit different as it had a zip in the side.  But went together well. 

Again my love of French seams.
The bodice wasn't fully lined just interfacing/facing.

No sweaters in the desired colors were found.  I'm sure if we would have driven the four hours to the 'big city' we could have found one but the jean jacket looks darling don't you think.
Plus it will be paired with many other fun items in granddaughter #2's closet.

So I think birthday dresses are done until June.  I have had fun making every one of them and thankfully the girls have loved them.
Hope you are having a wonderful January and getting some sweet sewing done too.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Our January Birthday Girl

This just looked like spring to me and even though it's January soon it will be spring so our January birthday girl is getting a spring dress.  Hope she likes it!!
The pattern goes from size 3 to size 8.  I traced off the size 6 for this dress.  Do others do that too?  At the cost of patters I try to buy multi-sized and then trace the size needed.  Our girls range from size 2 up to 6.  This seems to be the way to stretch my dollars a bit.
I am done down to the hem.  I am taking it with me tomorrow when we head up to their house, so yes she will see it before her day, but she is growing by leaps and bounds so need to have her try it on for the hem.
I poured over the materials at Hancock Fabric - looking for just the right material. 
Loved the daisies..  I was so pleased to find a fun contrast material too.
I've been using cotton for all the girls dresses, PJ's, etc.  I love cotton.  It washes beautifully and if you take it out of the dryer promptly it needs little or no ironing.
Plus it feels good!

I'm hoping I can find a periwinkle blue or turquoise sweater to go with the dress to make it usable now while it's still winter.

Hope you are staying warm wherever you are and getting some fun sewing done as well.
Keep your bobbin bobbing,