Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Simple Cotton Slip

This is a very simple cotton slip.  It had a real tendency to ravel!!  So I did French seams.

I did a search for a slip pattern to no avail.  Do they not make little cotton slips any more??  

This is a little summer sun dress pattern that I've had and thought it would work...  I would like to find a nice pattern for slips - I'll have to check out the thrift stores for some vintage patterns.

Granddaughter #4 has a beautiful new Christmas dress that has a metallic thread running through it, it sparkles and is so lovely, but she said it was a bit scratchy at the waist.  My thought was a little full slip would be the ticket.

We are going to their house tomorrow.  I'll take it with me and have her try it on so I can attach the should straps in the back where they will fit her.


  1. Beautiful.. I love the simple cotton slips .[When my 4 granddaughters were small,I could not find slips to fit them anywhere. I bought a slip pattern[it has been years ago...they are growing up ---so sad,ha]. I made slips for all of them, for several years. Wonder why slips are not available??????
    Robin, hope you and your family had a blessed and Merry Christmas. Judy

    1. Thank you Judy, we are having our family Christmas on New Year's this year. It just worked out best for everyone's schedule. So I still have all the presents under the tree. I ended up making one more slip. When I delivered the one pictured my granddaughter informed me that her big sister's dress was a bit scratchy too... ;-) I got busy the very next day and made another one.