Saturday, January 25, 2014

One More...

I really can sew more than this but I find that I sew what I need.  I started sewing my own under garments a year ago See here  And the truth is I like them better than any I've purchased over the years.  They can be made to individual form. 

So once again this is my sewing challenge garment.  I do plan to branch out a bit in February.  I'm thinking a fun spring skirt would be perfect next month.

Cotton cut on the bias.  I line with cotton too. 
Very comfortable and wears well.
Judy, this is the picture of the four pieces.  It really is a basic pattern.  I made a change so I could make a button closure instead of the hook and eye.  I just prefer that.  If you ever decide to make one and want to do the button closure let me know I would be happy to send you my extension pattern. 
As you can see it really is just a piece of paper to extend the side a bit to give me room for buttons and button holes.
Happy sewing!!


  1. I have never sewed underclothes [except slips for the kids]..Are they hard to make? Yours is so pretty.. Happy sewing.. Hope your having a blessed weekend.

    1. Really they aren't hard. Its just like any other garment just one step at a time. The pattern I have is a very basic pattern only there are only four pieces. Upper cup, lower cup, side and strap. I will post a picture of the pieces.

    2. Thank you Robin.. I appreciate that. Is that pattern still out? Would love to give it a try.. Have a great day..

    3. It is still available. Kwik Sew 3594.