Friday, January 17, 2014

A good twirler

A good twirler.  My girls love twirly skirts/dresses.  This is a good one.  ;-)

The pattern was a bit different as it had a zip in the side.  But went together well. 

Again my love of French seams.
The bodice wasn't fully lined just interfacing/facing.

No sweaters in the desired colors were found.  I'm sure if we would have driven the four hours to the 'big city' we could have found one but the jean jacket looks darling don't you think.
Plus it will be paired with many other fun items in granddaughter #2's closet.

So I think birthday dresses are done until June.  I have had fun making every one of them and thankfully the girls have loved them.
Hope you are having a wonderful January and getting some sweet sewing done too.

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