Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Great Nephew

My baby sister is a grandma!  The pictures have been flying our way via text messaging.  So even though we are on the opposite side of the country we have seen sweet pictures of this little one.

Well what's an aunt to do - head to the sewing machine with some fun flannel.  I love large double sided receiving blankets.  I made them for our granddaughters, have made them for shower gifts and now made a couple more. 
 1 1/4 yard of 45 inch wide fabric per each side makes a nice square receiving blanket. 
If you buy 1 1/2 yards you'll have enough to make a matching burp cloth.
You need 2 contrasting pieces for each blanket.
Cut your fabric so it is the same size.  A cutting board and rotary cutter works great for this.
Put right sides together and stitch around the outside  - remember to leave 6 to 8 inches open so you can turn the blanket right side out.
Then I like to do a decorative stitch around the outside edge.  It finishes it off and closes the turning opening up all in one endeavor.
Happy sewing!
Burp cloth - ;-)


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    1. Thank you!! Wish we were closer so we could sneak some hugs and kisses in on that sweet baby boy.